Greater San Tan Area Coalition

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General FAQs FAQ
  • Where is The San Tan Area?
  • What District do I live in?
  • How do I get involved with GSTAC?
  • What is the level of recognition for GSTAC at this time?
  • What type of background do you need for your committees?
  • At what point does GSTAC become a legal entity in which it can legislate what does or doesn’t happen in our area?
  • How can you say that GSTAC represents the will of the people and not just the eleven people on the CORE team?
  • Why did you create the structure with the CORE team, extended team, the districts and all that? Why not just ask people what they want?
  • So who are these Extended Visioning Team members and how did they get chosen?

Questions answered by GSTAC CORE